7 amazing tips to help you draw better.

Anya Kuvarzina
7 min readApr 30, 2018

I would never forget my first drawing lesson. The teacher arranged a selection of natural objects on the table said: “Draw them”. I was really scared, as I never drew anything from life before. I picked the easiest object to draw — a simple tree branch — and luckily, I soon discovered that most students at the table were of the same ability as I was.

My teacher Mandy Doyle once said that drawing was a mechanical skill and that you could even teach a monkey to draw. A personal interpretation of life in the drawing was far more important. Since then, I began teaching drawing classes myself and then I realised something. The issue that most people experience with drawing has much more to do with their mindset rather than their ability to draw.

The good news is, your drawing can improve dramatically if you just change the way you think about it.

Whatever stage you are at, whether you want to improve your drawing practice professionally, or simply would like to take up drawing as a hobby, these tips will help you reach your highest potential and grow as an artist.